Hydro Excavation - Canterbury

Hydro Excavation is the science of digging with water.  It is a safe, non-destructive digging technology for utilities, public authorities, commercial and industrial facilities. 

Under the ground, there is a myriad of pipes, ducts, sewers, water pipes, electrical cables, fibre-optics and phone lines.  All are vying for space and, increasingly, are being laid in multi-utility trenches.

Canterbury Waterblast's Hydro Excavation equipment (also known as Hydro Digger or Vacuum digger) uses pressurized water and a powerful vacuum to remove any type of ground condition.  The hydro excavation system eliminates the risk of damaging existing underground infrastructure.


Hydro excavation is quicker and safer than hand digging with a much smaller hole size, meaning reduced reinstatement costs.

Common uses for hydro excavation technology include:

  • Utilities - locate and repair
  • Light and Telephone pole bases
  • Entry and exit pits for no-dig technology
  • Drilling mud removal - facility maintenance
  • Pumping stations - hard to reach areas - internal excavations
  • Excavating holes for foundation/piles, house levelling
  • Grit and ballast removal - industrial clean up - and much more