Steam Cleaning - Canterbury

We also have a steam cleaner that is perfect for cleaning fat, oil and grease. Please contact us to discuss any steam cleaning requirements and a free quote.

Exhaust Hoods/Vents

Cleaning restaurant exhaust hoods and extraction vents on a regular schedule makes for a cleaner kitchen, improves extraction and reduces fire danger.  Hood cleaning need not be a daunting task, if performed with the right preparation.  It can be incorporated into the regular maintenance schedule and performed during closing hours so as not to interfere with normal kitchen operation. 

A thorough cleaning every three months is recommended..

Machinery Cleaning

Our mobile operations mean we can reach your location and perform a superior clean of your important machinery.  We have regularly steam cleaned plant and equipment prior to exporting to the require high standard. 

Motors are also able to be cleaned to be rid of any oil and grease build up.

Building Wash/Soft Wash

Canterbury Waterblast are experts in cleaning and removing dirt, grime, salt, mould, lichen and moss as part of our building wash service so building surfaces look refreshed again.

The accumulation and build up of dirt on a building from air pollution, will accelerate its deterioration.  Regular washing of  your building will save you money on maintenance and repairs, as well as rejuvenating the look of your building.

We only use superior quality biodegradable products.  We apply a cleaning product to the exterior of your building and once the product has had time to break down the dirt and pollution on the exterior, it is removed with a soft water wash.