Video Camera Inspections of Drains

Our video camera equipment is able to be used on up to 225mm diameter of pipe. 

We video using voice over commentary so any problems are clearly identified.  Our locator allows us to pinpoint the exact location of the drainage issue with your drain.

The most likely causes of on going blockages with your sewer or stormwater drain are likely to be broken pipe or tree roots.  If this is happening to you we recommend a video inspection, which will:

  • Show you on our colour video screen exactly what the cause of the problem is.

    We are also able to provide you with a detailed report, checked by a registered drain layer and a copy of your DVD if requested for future reference.

  • Precisely zero in on the location of the problem.

    Using our electronic locator eliminates guesswork – you can target the specific small section where the problem lies, recording the depth, allowing precision if digging is necessary to repair the problem.

  • Go, see and record where and what your eyes can't!

    You can spend considerable time and effort trying to solve drainage problems when operating blind – a video inspection will quickly and efficiently uncover what the problem is and therefore allow you to apply the easiest and most cost-effective solution.


New Home Buyers Drain Inspection

Canterbury Waterblast are also able to video both the sewer and stormwater drains to check the condition prior to purchasing a new property or prior to building alterations, and provide a written report for your records.  This is especially important with all the ground movement we have experienced lately in Canterbury.



collapsed drain.jpg

Collapsed Drain viewed by camera